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Re: Politics

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beautyfromashes wrote: Sun Jan 22, 2023 6:05 pm
mean wrote: Sun Jan 22, 2023 3:27 pm ...it's also not like it is necessarily inherently bad for the US in general to have a ridiculously disproportionate share of the financial responsibility, spending it on domestically produced weapons tech, tanks, planes, bombs, guns, drones, along with training etc.
True, but the game has intrinsically changed with this war and other recent financial news. It used to be that countries in Europe, and other parts of the world, would try to usurp the power of America by purchasing weapons from other supplier countries and chipping away at America financial power by holding certain resources hostage or working with other sub-world powers to move around us. This really is becoming harder to do now. No one will purchase gas and oil from Russia in the near future. China's economy is proving to be vulnerable after all. Other economy investments are showing to be much more risky than they appeared to be. So, the point is that the erosion of America as the only world superpower is ending. More investment capital in our government and companies will require lower rates of return because the alternatives carry much higher risk. Production overseas will falter because the stability of property rights will prove hollow compared to here. I really think we're moving towards a post-WWII style economic boom. China production will wane. Resource production will stay stateside. Returns will skyrocket. Unfortunately, war and instability is good for America.
We always have been a wartime economy, the plus side is war is becoming more tame as time progresses
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Re: Politics

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Anthony_Hugo98 wrote: Sun Jan 22, 2023 7:57 pm We always have been a wartime economy, the plus side is war is becoming more tame as time progresses
Europe hasn't really been since the fall of the Iron Curtain. They've basically cheated on their defense spending to cover Eastern Europe reintroduction, joint trade development and expansion and social programs. We're going to see MASSIVE defense spending in Europe that will have to come from American suppliers. Hopefully, it will balance out the debt obligations of countries to be more equitable and allow for more social spending in our country to match what is provided by other, even less developed, countries.
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Re: Politics

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Four Former KC Mayors Talk Shop at Plaza Library Event
On the city’s relationship with the state:

James: “Kansas City ought to break away from the state of Missouri and become its own kingdom.

“When Mayor Barnes was mayor, Jefferson City wasn’t the Jefferson City it is today…now, it’s all about us vs them. and a lot of the decisions that are made are made for political reasons.

“If you spend any time in Jefferson you’ll note the hostility that exists between the legislature and Kansas City and the legislature and St. Louis because the cities are not kind to their political beliefs.

“The best you can do in Jefferson City as a Democrat or anybody who’s not a conservative Republican is to try to stop bad stuff from happening.”
https://cityscenekc.com/four-former-kc- ... ary-event/
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