1985 Best and Worst of KC

People say they enjoy Kansas City. Find out why.
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Re: 1985 Best and Worst of KC

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the "coffee shop" concept sounds interesting. would that be similar to billie's grocery and caffetteria now? all day "cafe/restaurant" that also has booze? photos of putsch's online make it look like both a formal/fancy restaurant and basically a cafeteria.

what about fern bars? i'm assuming KC had a few of those back in the day. https://thingsboomerslike.com/get-ready ... fern-bars/
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Re: 1985 Best and Worst of KC

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The Prospect in Westport was a fern bar, Houlihans in the Plaza was the first fern bar to spawn a chain--Gilbert-Robinson had a warehouse full of tschotshkes and Victorianna to decorate interiors as they went national. The Houlihans that still exist are nothing like the original.
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