OFFICIAL - Hyatt House (900 Broadway)

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Re: OFFICIAL - Hyatt House (900 Broadway)

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DaveKCMO wrote:
Sat Nov 21, 2020 5:33 pm
Who's paying $120/mo for surface parking in the loop? :roll:

Also, you forgot to subtract the TDD assessment for public surface public parking.
Think about 30 years from now and the average cost over 30 years with inflation, after other lots are built on.

The cost will go up over time and increase even faster as parking becomes more in demand.

Even at half my number over time, it still could be a good investment.

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Re: OFFICIAL - Hyatt House (900 Broadway)

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Someone sure likes numbers

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Re: OFFICIAL - Hyatt House (900 Broadway)

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With ongoing cost of maintenance, not to mention liability insurance & security I can’t see where it would be a huge money maker. I’m sure it could turn a profit but eventually the land would become more valuable as well making selling it to a developer even smarter. I get if this project is dead you have to do something. I hope it is not dead but if so I think another developer would eventually step in. COVID will be controlled & thinks will change. It may be a slow recovery or a rocket ship, as pent up consumers are ready to get”back to normal”. Hell, the new BR hq building sat half finished & vacant for years until it was eventually developed

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Re: OFFICIAL - Hyatt House (900 Broadway)

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I'd say a residential building of the same height as the Hyatt House would do well here. The foundations are already in for a building of this height, so just repurpose the site.

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