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Re: Modern Archeology

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Eon Blue wrote:Maybe the tunnel was added as part of the traffic-sewer-ification of Summit? Compare the USGS map from 1955 with the aerial from 1959 and you can see drastic differences in the street layout. IIRC, the Sanborn maps predate both of those.
You're almost certainly correct, and that's the same thought I had.
aknowledgeableperson wrote:To a degree I would say the same, especially the 50 Highway part.
Where did 50 highway continue west (or whatever direction it went)? I mean, Johnson Dr doesn't and didn't go on forever. Just curious. Also, was Metcalf once a US highway, maybe 69 and/or 169?

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Re: Modern Archeology

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most US routes moved over and over as the city grew

here's the Missouri side

and here's the Kansas side ... temaps.asp

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Re: Modern Archeology

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flyingember wrote:most US routes moved over and over as the city grew

here's the Missouri side

and here's the Kansas side ... temaps.asp
That could blow my whole evening.
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Re: Modern Archeology

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Community celebrates Quindaro Ruins’ new designation, a step to become tourist attraction
The community gathered Tuesday to celebrate the Quindaro Ruins' new designation as a national commemorative site.

The historic grounds are now protected by the federal government. On Tuesday, dozens joined as Wyandotte County leaders posted signs at the ruins to mark its new status.

President Donald Trump established Quindaro as a national commemorative site when he signed the Conservation Management and Recreation Act into law last month.

"Our next phase is national historic landmark," said Marvin Robinson, a Quindaro ruins researcher, "and the national monument, a national park."
... ... ttraction/

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Re: Modern Archeology

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FangKC wrote:
Mon Feb 28, 2011 8:33 pm
Found these photos of the ruins of an old brick foundry on Cliff Drive north of Kansas City University of Biosciences around Paseo. ... s-dos.html

Another link shows old ruins on Cliff Drive around North Terrace Park. ... -talk.html
The ornate rubble in the first post is now easily viewable from the Columbus Park to Cliff Drive connector trail.

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