Pursuing FREE City-Wide Bus

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Re: Pursuing FREE City-Wide Bus

Post by grovester »

That's good to hear.

I'm ok with the political manuevering and budget gymnastics as long as we're not jeopardizing that.

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Re: Pursuing FREE City-Wide Bus

Post by flyingember »

https://drive.google.com/file/d/12pHX6j ... -EgVL/view

Free bus service is being run as a partial negative

file page 357, increase from public transportation fund of $4.761 million
file page 350, public works coordination services, decrease of $0.195 million = 4.566 million to go
file page 346, public works capital projects, decrease of $3.551 million = 1.015 million to go
file page 188, city managers office, increase of $0.01 million = 1.025 million to go
file page 515, tax income increase of 0.517 million = $0.508 million to go
file page 611, general fund transfer increases of $0.06 million = 0.514 million to go

file page 561 has the fund sheet which shows it will be using the existing balance for 0.208 million
So the budget is missing 0.306 million in expenses going away that's going to the bus, probably project costs not in the budget last year

The streetcar is receiving the same amount as last year

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Re: Pursuing FREE City-Wide Bus

Post by DaveKCMO »

The entire region's transit system became free-to-ride on March 22, driven by COVID-19 and the need to protect bus operators.

Also, the city's $1.7B budget was approved on Thursday with only $4.8M in funding for the longer-term KCMO zero fare effort (the stated cost is $8M). There were two budget amendments (one from Robinson, one from Bunch) that were introduced to increase that amount by $1.2M and $1.9M respectively. Robinson passed 7-6, Bunch failed 10-3. Mayor and Mayor Pro Tem voted no on both. After initially voting for the Robinson amendment, Shields successfully moved to rescind the Robinson amendment so the $4.8M is all that was retained. The KCATA contract for annual service and the zero fare effort will be taken up separately (which is custom) by ordinance in the coming months.

A new website launched for the longer-term effort last week: https://zerofarekc.com/

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