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Re: New Broadway Bridge

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The High Line is a self sustaining attraction all by itself. It actually does just "end" at both ends, but it's quite a walk and there are lots of buildings and offices that butt up against giving those people a place to go, when it's not totally full of tourists anyway.

I just think the Broadway bridge project needs to be part of a bigger plan, a plan that should be implemented at the same time, not 30 years in the future. I take it that re-purposing the old bridge is out of the question. I don't really understand that. There are literally dozens of examples all across the country of cities retrofitting bridges like the Broadway into pedestrian bridges. It's expensive. But you have to spend money sometimes. The key is also building up the recreational infrastructure on both sides of the bridge. Just about every other city in the country is able to work around rail roads, army core of engineers (levees) etc, why is this such a problem in KC?

This bridge in Louisville is a good example of what can be done on the ends of the bridge, which would tie the bridge to the riverfront and river market by foot or bicycle and open up the harlem areas of NKC to recreation. Also, the downtown airport loop road should be at least marked to dedicated a trail, but even better, a trail built along side the road with a direct connect to the bridge. And you can't say that's not possible either. Both BWI and DCA here have very popular trails on airport property. ... 85.7584557

This bridge in Memphis doesn't go anywhere, yet it's a major destination and makes all the riverfront parks on the TN side all that more popular. ... 90.0489801

The 9th St bridge in Richmond: ... 94.5785667

Looks similar to what the new Broadway bridge will end up looking like. Flat bridge with bike lanes. But look at what those bike lanes connect too, A very extensive river parks system with all kinds of trails and connections to city neighborhoods. Like most cities, Richmond also has some really popular pedestrian only bridges too though helping to create a circuit to cross the river in more than one place. Same deal in Tulsa, boring bridges are fine, but they have a very large riverfront trails system on both sides of river.

From Little Rock to Portland to Philly to Tampa. Every city has this stuff if they are anywhere near water. KC doesn't. The city should be spending money to do this instead of building these connections from 169 to 35 which are totally redundant and not needed.

I have beat a dead horse. Moving on.

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Re: New Broadway Bridge

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GRID wrote:
Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:45 pm
The city should be spending money to do this instead of building these connections from 169 to 35 which are totally redundant and not needed.
As said before, those connections appear to help make Northloop removal more of a thing. I'm sorry, but that project is worlds more viable and beneficial than a pretty bridge to a new park.
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Re: New Broadway Bridge

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alejandro46 wrote:
Wed Sep 16, 2020 3:22 pm
Part of the reason this is not possible, and why the bridge was never shut completely is due to harm it would potentially cause to Children's Mercy and VML based at the airport.
Sorry, not buying it. Sure CMH transports into the DT airport for quick transfer of organs for transplant, but they have a helicopter. VML shouldn’t be at Wheeler anyway. A creative company should be in a creative location with activity around it. They build no neighborhood synergy in that location.

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Re: New Broadway Bridge

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Eon Blue wrote:
Tue Sep 15, 2020 7:16 pm
I like a pretty bridge as much as the next person, but what has the aesthetically pleasing Bond Bridge done to enhance downtown, the riverfront, or North Kansas City that a boring girder bridge wouldn't have also accomplished? To me, landmark bridges are like tall buildings in the skyline. They look good from a distance, and while driving through, but typically don't materially improve the experience on the ground. That's where I'd rather see investments made.
Ask tourists how they feel. I'll give you a hint: NOBODY wants to move to a boring, chlorine clean city with no character. Architecture exists to attract. The failure to use attractive architecture has GENERATIONAL effects.

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