What Will Save the Suburbs?

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Re: What Will Save the Suburbs?

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Interesting subject matter. Concerns NYC but this is a situation some of the board members have gone through in the past with moving from KC's core.
https://www.msn.com/en-us/money/realest ... li=BBnbfcN

"Once you have decided it’s time to move out of the city, how do you figure out which suburb will suit you best? Click through the gallery above to compare the suburbs of Montclair in New Jersey vs. Dobbs Ferry in New York.
Sally Morgan Lehman and her husband, Jay Lehman, and their three young children were clearly outgrowing their two-bedroom Chelsea apartment. “When you have three kids in an 800-square-foot apartment, it’s a lot of screaming in a box,” she said.
Like so many other families desperate for space, they drew a 30-mile circle around the city and spent the next few months checking out the suburbs. They hoped to find someplace artsy and progressive, where city people went to raise families. Perhaps they would still be able to walk to get a bite to eat or hop a train to the city, in a ride preferably no longer than 45 minutes.
Which is why choosing the right suburb comes down to figuring out your priorities. Would you rather live near a walkable downtown, or is proximity to nature more important? Is diversity number one, or is it more important to live in a small town with like-minded people?
“If we were going to leave the city, we wanted to get something bigger than a small three-bedroom with no yard,” she said.
For some people leaving Manhattan, he said, moving to a New York suburb is easier to digest than trading their city identity for a Jersey one: “As amazing as it is here, some people just can’t do it""

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