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Strip mall
Strip mall
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crazywarriorman wrote:
Sun Oct 18, 2020 9:39 pm
A larger issue is a majority of Cerner's employee's (especially the ones at this campus) are young professionals or new grads straight out of college. They're young, no families, dealing with student loans, and they sure as hell don't want to buy a house in Raytown. They want apartment living that has amenities and is close to entertainment. The closest thing that offers that would be over the state line in Overland Park. I talked to many people who worked at this campus and none of them lived closer than 15 minutes away.

I've heard from many friends that I worked with at Cerner that they've been relocated to this campus, and that the company planning to sell their Legends building - the Continuous Campus - and move everyone over to the newly completed towers. I assume this is due to MO incentives and minimizing headache with taxes in two different states.
Interesting news but makes sense. Sell an asset you have, that you shouldn't have trouble selling. I'm sure those buildings will find renters, maybe multiple companies and not a single tenant. Does make it easier to keep workforce in one state for taxes, and any incentives. But I think if the HQ is in MO you are considered working for a MO company and don't worry about multi taxes. I might be wrong on that. But overall getting the workforce into those towers may help spur other development. We shall see. I do agree that Cerner being one of the biggest players in the city needs a Downtown presence of some sort. Same with Garmin. Even if it's just Executives and other specific jobs so you can spread them out, would be nice to see major players like that downtown. Let them use there huge campuses for other needs perhaps

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Cerner will acquire Kantar Health for almost $400 million.

HQ at 3 World Trade Center. Around 600 employees ... h-division

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