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Broadway Square
Broadway Square
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Post by brewcrew1000 »

This really irked me hearing a radio ad for the Auto Show about having free shuttle parking from West Bottoms. The parking in this city has never been a problem and its reaching an almost comical climax.

Its kind of scary that the KC Auto Show even has to use Free Shuttle Parking from the West Bottoms as a marketing tool

If OP ever decided to expand there convention center or make a new massive one, i think KC loses a lot of the local Trade Shows (Auto/Boat/RV/Garden/Sports)

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Re: Parking

Post by WSPanic »

Seems like a valuable service for those folks that don't want to pay for parking or walk very far. I wouldn't use it, but I see no problem with them offering the service. It's not like there's an overabundance of free parking near Bartle. What's the harm?

In the end, this is a long-established show that probably knows its attendees pretty well. I assume the feedback they've received drives these decisions.

Strip mall
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Re: Parking

Post by tower »

The auto show is probably mostly attended by a suburban/rural crowd that doesn't go downtown much and doesn't know where to find parking. Having a shuttle mentioned in their ads probably provides reassurance to those folks and makes it more likely that they will attend. Hopefully when they get to the convention center they will see that parking was easier to find than they thought.

One Park Place
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Re: Parking

Post by earthling »

To many if you can't see the front door from parking spot it's too far away.

Mark Twain Tower
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Re: Parking

Post by flyingember »

We want to see places offering free shuttles. That's how we better utilize existing parking for more things.

I bet there's thousands of riders every week parking at their hotel and using the streetcar as a shuttle

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Re: Parking

Post by scooterj »

I don't see anything wrong with this. I'd rather people who aren't used to driving/parking downtown have an easy alternative than have them clogging up the streets, blocking crosswalks, and being a menace to both pedestrians and people who drive the correct direction on one-way streets. :)

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