The KCMO School District

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Re: The KCMO School District

Post by voltopt » Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:43 am

And Westport was the neighborhood school for midtown. This argument is disingenuous as both SW and Westport are closed due to lack of students. We can't wish a school to exist due to history; the reality is there is a neighborhood school, it is only 2.5 miles from Brookside, and people on the west side of town will not use it.

SW, if open as a neighborhood school, would serve parts of Waldo that are also 2.5 miles from it. I don't think a neighborhood high school means 'people will walk to it', that would require quite a few more high schools.

I know, people see an empty building and say; "why not?" It takes a lot to operate a high school; to provide a complete experience. Just ask the charter schools that are attempting to duplicate the high school experience on a small scale. It eats up resources, and having multiple charter districts inside of a public district duplicates resources. I'd suggest the best way to get SW open, if the goal is a "neighborhood, walk-able, historic high school," is to choose your neighborhood public elementary school and commit to the district. I'd also suggest you go on a tour of SE, your neighborhood high school, or if you live in Midtown, of Central Academy.

Fun side note - SE is still closer to students on the west side of Brookside/Waldo than the various Shawnee Mission high schools are to each other.

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Re: The KCMO School District

Post by chaglang » Thu Aug 22, 2019 1:57 pm

herrfrank wrote:
Thu Aug 22, 2019 9:33 am
Southeast may be a neighborhood school, but it's the Swope Park neighborhood, not Brookside.

A neighborhood school means the kids can walk there. Southwest HS is clearly the neighborhood high school for Brookside (and it was that historically).

The Kansas City Missouri School Board has been a disaster for half of a century. Failed schools, failed people. Best option: dissolve the KCMSD and let each neighborhood build their own schools with local control.
There aren't enough schools in KCMO to fit your definition of a neighborhood school, unless you are willing to stretch acceptable walking distances. But you'll recall that even when SW was open and walkable to Brookside residents, it was largely abandoned by the community.

Dismantling the KCSD works best for the same people who have already abandoned the district. Breaking up the KCSD would guarantee local control, though not any level of success greater than the district. But there are few, if any, neighborhoods equipped to take on the responsibility of running a school. What happens to kids in neighborhoods not large enough to support a school? And if a school closed, there's nothing to guarantee that another would take its place, which leads to the possibility that there could be a shortage of schools in some areas of the city.

Can I ask though - why does it matter at all? Brookside seems to be perfectly fine without Southwest.

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