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by benm
Wed Dec 30, 2020 9:32 pm
Forum: Urban Living
Topic: Aggressive panhandlers
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Re: Aggressive panhandlers

Now that downtown has been sapped of it's non-resident street life, we're back to the occasional jogger, dog walker, homeless, and panhandler. For those new the scene, this is what it was like on nights/weekends until about 2010? It still feels way busier to me. The number of newly built apartments...
by benm
Wed Dec 30, 2020 9:11 pm
Forum: Downtown
Topic: OFFICIAL - Reverb (1800 Walnut)
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Re: OFFICIAL - Reverb (1800 Walnut)

Of the 132 units at Reverb, the website is showing 103 available (29 leased). Leased percentage: 22%. I'm going to guess the 2 BR+ cost for 1BR units isn't helping them. The target market seems to be priced out - at least when I was at a point in my life to pay as much as they were asking, I was no...