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Re: Main Street MAX

Posted: Wed Dec 06, 2017 5:00 pm
by flyingember
chingon wrote:
DaveKCMO wrote:
chingon wrote:
No need to fix the turn lane back up if you eliminate the south plaza jog...

plaza library generates a lot of trips. why eliminate jog now when streetcar construction will disrupt that segment of main/brookside?

I see your point about construction, but isn’t that going to be an issue anywhere up and down Main Street, too. And you’d have trouble convincing me that the Plaza library stop wouldn’t generate just as many trips with a stop on Brookside and Ward PKWY.

The current stop is effectively right outside the door and I figured a quarter mile away for a streetcar stop and uphill either direction taken. So any physically limited current users (wheelchair, seniors with problems walking) might stop visiting this branch

I would expect transit users to the library to increase dramatically at the same time.

The question thus becomes, is there a workable alternative to the bus stop for users who are sensitive to the distance changes. Maybe another branch can be reached by changing the bus routes for the streetcar and move or add certain services to that branch. the Westport library is two blocks off Main but it's not uphill.