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Re: Prospect MAX

Post by DaveKCMO » Wed Apr 11, 2018 9:17 am

GRID wrote:What happens to MAX on Main after the streetcar? Move to Broadway or something?
Likely scenario is that the existing service between UMKC and River Market gets reallocated to other corridors (probably not on Broadway). South of UMKC will likely become a "streetcar connector" that terminates at the Plaza. Still very preliminary.

Every MAX upgrade requires more operational funding, which has essentially been fixed or in decline (fares, city match, etc.). Prospect MAX will require more operational funding for the higher level of service, and Independence MAX will need the same when it goes live.

A relatively easy cut in these new MAX corridors is the existing local service (25 Troost, 71 Prospect), but those have more vocal constituencies than the 56 that used to run in parallel to Main MAX (which isn't a bad thing).

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