Building demolition for parking

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Building demolition for parking

Postby loftguy » Tue Jan 28, 2014 4:49 pm

Here is a very simple analysis of the financial impact to a community, when a usable building is demolished and a parking lot is the result. The formula can be tweeked to reflect a particular circumstance and to often indicate far broader financial losses, but this provides a primer.

Next you have to factor in the less direct impacts that result having a less walkable, attractive, 'living' frontage. A break in the linkage has occurred.

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Re: Building demolition for parking

Postby KCroots » Fri Jul 04, 2014 11:36 am

Downtown Kansas City MO. – The Parking lot capital of the USA?

I’m sure like it does with many others here; it strikes me sad to see current areal images of Downtown Kansas City MO (especially in the crossroads district just north of Union Station). It just leads me to think of all the lost structures and history that’s been erased by the hands of the wrecking ball, but I still assure myself “all is not lost”.

While it is sad at this point in time there is nothing we can do to change the fact these particular structures are all gone we but we can at least try to prevent further demolition of any other such structures which still remain standing.

As for the many surface parking lots that dot the entire city we should at least look forward to the future with some optimism, after all what else can we really do?

For myself I have to look at these parking lots and simply considered them blank canvas that can one day be developed into something new and exciting. My only concern is how we replace what was once lost and hope that any new structure can be built with the future in mind and built with majesty and historical significance. However reality and the disposable consumer society we live in today will dictate a prefabricated looking - slapped together building with the sole intent of turning a profit and then after another 40 years those buildings too will be leveled and the entire process will be repeated with shouts of saving history that will once again be echoed.

Let’s just hope these neighborhoods can at least be fully redeveloped and rejuvenated with life again with flourishing families and small businesses. That alone would go along way in helping to overcome the overall image of Kansas City Mo being the parking lot capital of America

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