P&L District: 13th & Main Site Proposal

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Re: P&L District: 13th & Main Site Proposal

Postby FangKC » Sat Dec 02, 2017 7:54 pm

flyingember wrote:
FangKC wrote:The lack of walk-up counter-type takeout restaurants was one of the biggest complaints I had when I lived downtown. I got really spoiled living in New York City, when I hardly ever cooked at home.

There's plenty of old space in a lot of buildings to do this today. I imagine this is something we'll see more of with more workers coming downtown.

HyVee does this model in their stores and it doesn't take a lot of space. It really depends on how much variety you offer to eat. I picture a space with a 10x10 walk in, a cleanup area, oven, grill/stovetop, a little prep counter, soda fountain and a register with under and over storage. That's only a few hundred square feet or space.

Does anyone know if the Fairfax Lofts/Hotel Indigo building is going to rent out the former retail spaces, or has Hotel Indigo absorbed those spaces for their use? It would be great if they were rented out again to smaller takeout places.

The Midland Office Tower also has several retail spaces at street level. I don't know if they are configured in a way to accept kitchens.

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