Magellan Dev. group of Chicago.

Do a trip report here....go to another city and want to relate it to what KC is doing right or could do better? Give us a summary in here.
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Magellan Dev. group of Chicago.

Postby normalthings » Fri Dec 11, 2015 11:48 pm

A recent visit to Chicago took me to Lakeshore East, a $4 Billion development by Magellan. They have developed a whole section of the city building 5,000 residences as well as over 1,500 hotel rooms and a couple office towers. They have reintroduced residential in the Chicago CBD. In recent years they have started to branch outside of Chicago with developments in other cities including Minneapolis.

How would we(KC) attract large developers like this or will they only come when rents at much higher? Or would it be better entirely for a KC based developer to grow into this role?

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