We don't need Waddell and Greed downtown!!!

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We don't need Waddell and Greed downtown!!!

Postby trailerkid » Tue Nov 25, 2003 5:01 pm

Who gives a rip if Waddell and Greed stay in Jo Co? This company would have used KCMO and then left when they were done with them...a true parasite. Invite someone to the Downtown KCMO dinner table who want to be there-- not someone who wants a free meal.

Here's some quotes about this "blockbuster" tenant.
"there always has been a question whether the company was serious about moving anywhere"

"There also apparently was a problem with the city's 1 percent tax on corporate income"

"The firm gave One Kansas City Place, downtown's tallest building, a stringent architectural review to the point of planning a backup power generator."

"The company, which has shopped itself far and wide for several years now without making a deal, has suspended its search for a new headquarters indefinitely."

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We don't need Waddell and Greed downtown!!!

Postby TheDude » Wed Nov 26, 2003 2:42 pm

W&R was never going to come downtown; the sharks got caught up in their own feeding frenzy that they never really had their eye on the ball. state of kansas just sat back and LAUGHED at KCMO in their futile efforts to recruit W&R at any cost. unfortunately any significant company deciding to locate downtown will get a free meal cause their $400 per hour attorney (whose bonus is tied to the amount of incentives achieved) will make sure it happens.
"ALWAYS be closing"

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