Downtown stats 2018

Issues concerning Downtown as described by the Downtown Council. River to 31st Street, I-35 to Bruce R. Watkins.
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Downtown stats 2018

Postby earthling » Sun Apr 29, 2018 5:46 pm

There is a new report from CBRE on state of downtown KC. Need to create an account to download... ... April-2018

The report claims that downtown 'daytime population' is about 125K, seems high. Avg age downtown is 32.7 vs 37.7 for metro. Over 47% have bachelors degree or higher downtown vs. 35% for metro. Some other stats seem off and understated so not sure how reliable this report is.

More recently a residential boom has begun with 3,273 units completed since 2014, and another 2,689 units under construction with completion expected over the next two years. The majority of these new units are in redeveloped historic office and industrial buildings that had long sat vacant. While most in previous generations would have never considered downtown as a place to call home, today downtown is becoming the hip place to live, particularly for millennials coveting the chance to live in a walkable urban center.

• Downtown Kansas City is experiencing its most organized and significant wave of development and revitalization. Since 2000, public and private projects totaling $6.4 billion have been completed.

• The downtown population increased by 38% from 2000-2015, and the growth rate has accelerated with a projected growth of 42% from 2015-2020 according to population estimates from the Downtown Council of Kansas City.

• One of the major investments helping to generate additional development downtown is the new streetcar line which opened in May 2016. The streetcar line cost approximately $100 million and connects the City Market on the north end of the downtown submarket and Crown Center on the southern end.

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