On-going downtown development projects

Issues concerning Downtown as described by the Downtown Council. River to 31st Street, I-35 to Bruce R. Watkins.
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Re: On-going downtown development projects

Post by Truetiger94 » Thu Jul 19, 2018 8:59 am

KCDowntown wrote:
miz.jordan17 wrote: I really like this map, and although the city has its development tracker that shows the whole city, it would be really nice if this map showed the whole city's development along the existing streetcar route and proposed route. I understand this might be daunting to add all of the projects, but I would be willing to help.
Yo, it's nice to hear someone else is looking at the map of downtown development that I've kept up with for the last couple of years. Sometimes I wonder if it is just me looking at it.

With the streetcar extending south, I've thought about opening it up past 31st (which is what I personally think of as the southern border of downtown). I'll start to add things that come up, and over time add in the historical ones as well. Eventually, I'll get it comprehensive.

I look at it often as well. Thank you @KCDowntown!

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Re: On-going downtown development projects

Post by shinatoo » Thu Jul 19, 2018 10:23 am

Anyone with the chops that can build a heat map based on development dollars for the KC metro?
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