2016 Election in KC

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2016 Election in KC

Post by flyingember » Wed Nov 09, 2016 1:09 pm

Followup to this thread http://kcrag.com/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=19 ... l+election

Clay County has put up by precinct data for each presidential candidate so that's the starting point.

There's ~34 precincts in Clay County inside KC
The top turnout was 69%. The lowest 46%
The top 10 precincts for turnout voted at 62% or greater. 5 of them are in Shoal Creek.
10 precincts voted for Clinton, 24 for Trump
The precincts that voted for Clinton are all in the bottom half of turnout and four were under 50%.
The highest Trump percentage was 61.5%.
Of the top 10 percentages for Trump, 7 of them are in Shoal Creek and another two north of 152
Protest votes didn't line up with Clinton or Trump. The top Johnson votes were split evenly among Clinton and Trump winning the precinct and vice versa

There wasn't a majority vote for Clinton north of the southern boundary of Gladstone through a line to the east side of 435, except for the area between Gladstone and Platte County, south of 152, which is mostly full of older homes and apartments.

So this is more information that the city council boundaries need to stop ending on Troost or the KC is going to be voting suburban interests in future elections. This council won't get hit by redistricting, the next council/mayor election is in 2019.

If you look at this in terms of council districts, the 4th can't grow north much more without starting to grow more conservative. A 10k further bump into the northland will start to affect in district elections with two more equal candidates.

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