New goals for Kansas City

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Re: New goals for Kansas City

Postby earthling » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:19 am

KC also needs to develop UMKC into a major university in a way that grows the local economy. The Stowers Institute should be an opportunity to turn UMKC into a more significant research university yet isn't as mature as it could be.

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Re: New goals for Kansas City

Postby flyingember » Sat Apr 15, 2017 9:27 am

earthling wrote:KC also needs to develop UMKC into a major university in a way that grows the local economy. The Stowers Institute should be an opportunity to turn UMKC into a more significant research university yet isn't as mature as it could be.

We need to think of UMKC not as *A* university but as a nearby amenity.

It's great you can take classes from Northwest and Western and CMSU inside KC, but why are those not UMKC extension campuses?

It seems to me that UMKC needs to have these kinds of small locations, like to have their own northland campus with 6-7 flex classrooms. It would be a good positive jobs center along the 152 corridor. I could see having a shared HS-College campus with NKC or Liberty schools.

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Re: New goals for Kansas City

Postby rxlexi » Thu Apr 20, 2017 12:26 pm

Reaaallly cheating here with several individual goals embedded within the primary 5 below.

1. Streetcar (fareless) extension to Plaza/UMKC. Affordable, easy to construct, Main Street width should make higher speeds more attainable. Building on existing success. I would prefer further extension but if this is the final piece of rail transit in KC I would be satisfied; it will connect the vast majority of places of interest in this very linear city and have an impact on KC that punches far beyond it's 6-mile weight, comparable to any other city in US.

2. Elevate UMKC - change the name to UKC, get rid of Morton, get the basketball program into MVC and pour money into it, get the arts campus built, and focus on the handful of top notch programs available to begin building a school that will appeal to students outside the region, and those that might otherwise choose KU/MU/KState. Find some way, any way to begin to be thought of as a true peer to a Cincy, SLU, etc. Our most "prominent" university is an afterthought in it's own city.

3. Focus on outdoor recreation. KC has the perfect bones for this, as evidenced by the great work that Urban Trail Co. ( has been doing building trails throughout regional parks and underused land. Lots of unused greenspace. Connect existing trails, build a boat house on the KS river, extend riverfront trail to Parkville, extend Trolley Track to downtown (or build new), build hiking/biking/climbing infrastructure at Swope and PVP. Greater connection to Flint Hills a la KC Symphony in Flint Hills. Maybe FH/prairie rec center with exhibits/tours/camping excursions on the west side of metro.

4. Major build up/shake-up of 18th/Vine. Change management. Turn into a mini-Beale Street. Focus on BBQ/jazz and blues. Such fun history, so American, and distinctly KC. Build BBQ Hall of Fame. Expand/enhance the NLBM and American Jazz Museum in a major way - make them into a destination for history lovers on the level of the WW1 museum. Find a way to make this into one of the most fun, interesting, uniquely KC pockets of the region. And find an actual use for the old stone castle.

5. Build a big bar and marina on the MO river at Berkley Park. Seriously, just want something with a big deck jutting out over the water, local beers, bike rental maybe for the nearby trail, a reason for locals to remember, enjoy and celebrate the river.

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Re: New goals for Kansas City

Postby grovester » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:16 pm

^That's a great list!

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Re: New goals for Kansas City

Postby brewcrew1000 » Thu Apr 20, 2017 1:54 pm

1. Increase Density in the Urban Core, once we achieve that I think the stuff like Light Rail, Commuter rail will follow. The urban core is not very populated to demand this.

2. Focus on Urban Bike Trails - JoCo has a bike plan and they follow it, I feel like KCMO in the urban parts just laugh it off and do not make it priority. I think the Bike Trail focus is all up north because its easier to build out

3. Airport - That has been pounded over and over

4. Crime/Safety - I think it has gotten much better over the years but I think crime/safety is big if you want to retain families and young professionals in the urban core. Lots of suburbs are building mixed use/walkable type projects and it is generally safe, if people are getting mugged all the time the young people will not want to stay in the Urban parts for very long and they will start graviting toward downtown Lees Summit or downtown Overland Park

5. Streetcar - I think a key piece to the boom of Midtown especially Midtown from 31-Westport Rd

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Re: New goals for Kansas City

Postby chingon » Fri Apr 21, 2017 9:25 am

1. Re-Kesslerizing the Parks and BLVDs plan. Bike paths a la Trolley Track Trail down the middle of all BLVDs with medians, separated bike lanes on all others. Design standards for properties on BLVDs that prevent things like the north side of Gregory between Troost and Paseo. Traffic calming on BLVDs like Brookside and Ward Parkway.

2. TOD policy implementation.

3. Turn Penn Valley Park into a native plant and pollinator preserve with biking and walking paths.

4. Connect Trolley Track Trail to Penn Valley Park via Theis/Gillham parks and complete connection to Indian Creek Trail.

5. True BRT on Troost and Independence Ave.

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Re: New goals for Kansas City

Postby beautyfromashes » Sat Apr 29, 2017 12:40 pm

1. A plan to add 10k new jobs to Downtown to match the 10k new residents initiative including attraction of at least one major technology company to the area large enough to build a new downtown skyscraper.
2. Connect the bike trail system from the Trolley Track Trail through midtown to Liberty Menorial. This would make for a continuous trail through the entire city from Lees Summit (and eventually the Katy Trail) to the River and beyond.
3. City tax plan to fully fund transportation including free buses for the city, streetcar and commuter rail to KCI and TSC.
4. Agreement with St. Luke's hospital to build a parking garage in exchange for the release of huge amount of parking lots stopping the connection of Westport to the Plaza.
5. Build new KCI airport.

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